Visionary Mug 11oz - FRIDA VIBES
Visionary Mug 11oz - FRIDA VIBES

Visionary Mug 11oz

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Sturdy and vibrant mug makes a perfect gift for a Frida loving coworker and best friend. This unique and striking portrait of Frida is part of a series by Crushmode (Aniko Lichi Szatmari).

In the artist's own words..

"This Frida series goes back to the first year I moved from Brooklyn to LA 4 years ago when I was part of a group show honoring Frida. That's where I got the original print of her portrait I'm using.. it was captured by her father. She is so fierce and her eyes are so penetrating. I love how tomboyish she looks in the photo. I would stare at the image and I felt her spirit was there! I felt such a communion with her doing these variations. I have probably made 30 or more versions of these portraits. I only released them this year though. I'm really glad that people connect with it!""

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Product Details: 
• Sturdy and glossy white ceramic mug
• Bright, vivid print that won't fade
• Dishwasher and microwave safe
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• Please allow 7-10 business days for fulfillment and delivery

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