About Us

Frida Vibes is an online shop featuring art by women artists inspired by Frida Kahlo. 
Our mission is to support women artists in creating their art. To that end, we pay generous royalties on every sale made of their work.
Our Story
In Art History class in high school, Frida Kahlo was literally the only female artist we focused on. Like many people, I was immediately drawn to her work and life, researched all I could, watched the documentaries and read her diary. But it was always strange to me that she was the only woman artist we studied.
Frida Vibes started as a little Instagram side project. I had been saving Frida images and figured I’d just post them kind of as a public art board for fun. After I started, I realized the lack of women artists I saw in Art History years earlier was still a thing. Even on Instagram, the big art accounts post male artists 90% of the time. So on @frida.vibes I made it a rule that we would only post non-male artists. I loved the community of women that assembled through the Instagram account. 
It was from there that I met a few women artists to partner with for a pop up shop in 2017. 
Since then we've more than doubled our community of women and have been featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed and Mitu.
When you make a purchase on this site you are not only bringing something beautiful into your life, but are also helping women who make art continue to make beautiful things. It's our very small way of honoring Frida's huge legacy. 
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