Jesrill Velasco

Artist statement:
My subject matter is womxn. My art showcases womxn’s bodies in positive
ways, rendering feelings of self love and adoration. My art represents all
the emotions and practices that join forces to construct a womxn’s
confidence. I use the powers of womxnhood and sexuality to create art for
anyone who chooses to identify with those in my illustrations. I want my
illustrations to supply a feeling of empowerment and self identification in
anyone. I make the choice to not include full faces in order for all people to
more easily recognize themselves in the womxn I create. I am constantly
inspired by womxn of all shapes, skin colors, backgrounds, and abilities -
by their dreams, fears, sexualities, and passion.
If nothing else, my art is a celebration of womxn. They are created for you,
for anyone and everyone. And they are inspired by you, by anyone and
everyone. They are happy, melancholy, flirty, self-absorbed, loving, angry,
fickle, sober, tipsy, silly, and perfect - like you and I.

Jesrill Velasco is an emerging Filipino-American digital artist based in
Southern California. She is a strong advocate and activist for social change
and reform; and hopes her art brings light into people’s lives and eventually
allows her to create a platform for herself to do better for the world. When
she’s not illustrating or designing, Jesrill likes to cook, cuddle with her two
dogs, and drink at the beach with her partner, Devin.